Friday, 12 June 2009

my dreams last night.

I dreamed that cute Cuban boys took me on nature walks to see elusive pigeons who lay red speckled eggs. They spoke to me in Italian. They spoke to each other in Spanish. Eating their esses. I ate mine too and it made them smile.

I dreamed that i drank whiskey with a friend in a non-existent antique bar in Charleston, South Carolina. i thought it was there. The bartender knew what we wanted. We didn't even have to use our words. Glances were enough.

I dreamed that i ran across grass, past hippies with drums beating out the summer. i jumped high and dove into the river. I knew how deep it was and i had no fear. I huddled embracing the cold water and i was its child. I could see from under water the heavy stomachs of 70 year old bus laden traffic making tire tracks over my head. i came up for air between traffic lights and sat in a sunny spot on a rock 12 deep feet beneath the surface trying to imagine what sat above the underbellies of the great beasts speeding along the white waters.

I dreamed that i wanted to sleep a little longer. but not too much longer.

I dreamed that i didn't want to miss the day.

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