Monday, 8 June 2009

Last Leg

Hello all!

Regretfully, my time in India is drawing to a close. These last few days in Navi Mumbai ( New Bombay) have been peaceful and reflective. Julie and I have spent many an hour talking, relaxing, eating delicious food... she's on quite a journey and listening to her stories has allowed me to reflect on my own experience here and has added a nice balance to the trip. My trip before now was very linear and scientific. It's been nice to find equilibrium emotionally and spiritually.

As my time draws to a close i have been thinking a lot about goals i set for myself when i moved to mississippi and how i've really deviated away from them. everything has been seeming chaotic and disorganized and incomplete. i plan on getting back on track. may mean some big changes. but i think they're necessary.

anyhow, i promise photos are coming. It's a lot of work to get them edited and uploaded and as my wise friend Frode once said, "keep having fun and focus more on your journey than giving us
feedback. most important is wut you experience.." I love you, Frode.

So today on my last full day in the country i went to Julie's spiritual group after a delicious breakfast of papaya with salt and pepper and litchi fruit. We stayed for a good 3 hours then came home and now i'm writing this to you. This evening i'm going to her friend Jyodi's house for a cooking lesson. Sol curry and regular curry. very exciting. Tomorrow i fly to Delhi and will meet some friends if there's time and then i fly back home.

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  1. glad you're finding your balance

    see ya when ya get back :)