Monday, 15 June 2009

Around Dharamsala

Mcleod Ganj

Prayer Flag

This man was playing the Saranghee. He played me happy birthday. It wasn't my birthday.

I love that so many men know how to sew!

My friend Dolma's husband and son.

I passed this guy every day going to town. We became buddies.

Mmmm. momos!

The Barber shop

barber shop

The waterfall in Bhagsu

Blushing bride (right) and entourage


  1. Oh Lizzie, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you have a remarkable talent for taking photos and from your dream post below, writing is also your forte. I'm enjoying your journeys. Thanks for having me along.

  2. wonderful as always lizzie :)

  3. thanks pat!!

    and Lunasoul, i can't quite figure out who you are! thank you so much for your comments!! they make me blush! but who are you?

  4. Fantastic photos, I especially love the later photos. The green stairs are sublime and the colors in the very last photo are amazing. Great work, looks like you had an amazing trip!