Monday, 1 June 2009


Hey all! I'm in Bangalore and yesterday and today i am attending an internal research seminar. All of the employees of Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment have been giving short presentations on projects they've been working on. I've met many interesting people and i feel that i'm getting a good idea of what life would be like as an ecologists. Some of the best projects i've seen so far (at least the most interesting to me) are the creation environmentally conscious religious offerings, an ecotourism project in Darjeeling, biodiversity of ground insects of coffee plantations, a study on neighborhood parks as socio-ecological systems, and a conservation project in a hot tourist wetland area in Kerala.

If any of this kind of thing interests you this is their website!!

Tomorrow i'm going up to a field station to observe a project that teaches local communities to make furniture and fire wood out of lantana, a very problematic invasive species in India from Central America. so i'm super psyched!!!

On saturday i fly to mumbai to visit my friend Julie and then next Tuesday i fly home. I hope all is well with everyone! and i'll post more soon!

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  1. glad things are still going good lizzie wright (super spaceship) :)