Tuesday, 14 July 2009

how i get rid of you.

It's strange how no matter how far i travel and how far away i live or no matter what i do you still decide to haunt me like cold ghosts in my heart. you remind me of hexus. ooze slime smoke. pollution easing it's way into the best parts of me. squeezing through the cracks. using the handholds of my bones and joints to cling to and reside. a chronic infection, you make your way through my nose and into my trachea done into my lungs through my bronchiole tubes and into my alveoli where you curl up in a ball to sleep...

HOWEVER! the second i realize you're there i remember how you're the weakest cold i've ever had. i pop some zinc and you're gone. I remember that you look dark black and daunting but your smoke scatters with a wave of my hand. you try to hold on to my bone crevaces but MY skeleton vibrates on a frequency that throws you off balance and makes you fall away. i put out a low hum that fills your ears and rattles your brain and jars your clenched manible. on account of glow, my orange and red and yellow fire. it heats up my heart and scares your ghost away. my heart becomes uncorrupt and free of the likes of you and your cold eyes and empty soul and filled with my warmth. with a love that i have for myself. a self love that is as foreign to you as bacteria living on mars. or loving with true love and a really real heart. a love that means you don't need anyone is the world but yourself.

cause that shit is the bomb!

Friday, 10 July 2009

My bands!!!!

Dear Blogfollowers, family, and friends.

Please follow this blog:


to keep up with me and my band, The Bachelorettes as we trot the east part of the nation spreading Jacksonian love and wig power in all directions!

My other band, Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship, aka me and a guitar and sometimes Amanda and sometimes Peter, will also be playing a couple of gigs while we're on the road.


so keep up with us!!!

also i've played a few times since i got home from india.

see more images at my friend patrick's blog at:


and from Kenya Hudson at:


there are great bachelorettes photos too by both of these amazing photographers.



Jeff at Courtney's magical house in the woods.

Hi, everyone. I'm sorry for the delay in photos. The following documents so of the people I met in India. Primarily in tourist-ridden Mcleod Ganj. We met we formed a posse and pretty much hung out together almost everyday for the whole week we were there. with some more than others. but it was such a joy to meet these people! Enjoy meeting them too! (that was cheesy.) i will put the initials NPP next to people who were Not Part of the Posse. k? i do that only cause we met some people and i can't remember their names and i don't want you to think that i don't know the names of the people in my posse.

Honora magical house in the woods.

Courntey is Honora's friend from college who also is from Boulder. She was supervising a Tibetan Studies study-abroad group while we were there! so happy to have met her finally!

I can't remember this guy's name but he and Jeff saw each other in a cafe and figured out that they were on the same little league team together! small planet!! (NPP)

above's girlfriend, alex. (NPP)

I can't remember this guy's name either but he was nice! (NPP)

Me! Taken by the Fabulous Honora

Lyle!!!! Our new awesome friend who scales mountains, hunts dragons, graduates from Stanford, AND gets invited to Kashmiri weddings!



A friend of Lyle's

Honora (she's just so photogenic!!!)

Next couple of shots are from an open mic we attended after eating out at our favorite vegetarian Japanese restaurant (no sushi!)
This is Adriana. (NPP)

crazy tibetan singer/guitar player. (NPP)

My fave, the sax player (super photogenic. this is one of like 15 photos of him) (NPP)

American dude who was funny. (NPP)

Taylor and me. I don't think there have been any other photos of Taylor thus far. However, Taylor was the glue of our posse. 19 years old. Canadian. Taking a few years off to travel the world. and live in berlin. He did a couple of performances that this night that had us all peeing in our pants. Flight of the concords. Business Time. Her we are performing i will survive. Taken by Honora (GOP stands for glue of posse)

Lizzie and Jeff taken by Honora.

Jared is someone that Taylor knew who joined our posse!

Did you know that Taylor, Honora, Jeff and i met Taylor at a yoga class?

This is Mark, Irishman, straight-talker, sweet, traveled through Iran on a bus. He was with our posse from the first shots with Lyle and Alex and friends but i didn't have a good photo. anyhow, Mark quickly became our friend because we kept on bumping into him at the Green cafe, our Mcleod Ganj haunt, where we would all decide to do something together. Taylor would inevitably show up at some point and we would all coordinate. Jared and Amy would bump into Taylor and it would become a huge party. Mark, Honora and i later traveled to the hottest place on earth, Amritsar in Punjab on the Indian/Pakistani border, where we tore it up. a little. well as much as you can in 110 degree heat.

This is Amy. She and Jared were roommates and she was the cutest thing ever!! She was a 19 year old German girl who was the hippiest little German girl ever! She would do and say things like put her hand on someone's shoulder and say, "i vas giving you healing energy and reading your aura, ya." and she would be totally happy and serious when she said it in her adorable little German accent. it was like she was trying so hard to be a hippy but because she was German it wasn't in the least annoying! She is living in Bangalore and working.

Jared and his pipe. 19 years old and from Colorado. he was a witty energetic addition to the posse.

the pipe.

smoking on the pipe.