Saturday, 23 May 2009

Pickin' and Paddlin'

Cute little girls at Pickin' n' Paddlin'

Hello all!

I'm back in Delhi after a relaxing pleasant week in Dharamsala and then a crazy couple of days in Amritsar on the Indian/Pakistani border. I will soon be posting photos from this. But first i wanted to post the following photos from Picking and Paddlin, a fundraiser event that i shot at Mayes Lake a week before i left. i have all the photos backed up and so i wanted to post these before i erase them from my computer so i can upload the 9GB of photos i've shot since i last posted. so there you have it folks, Pickin and Paddlin. at least my favorites from the event!!

Melia, Darren(?), Julia


Arthur and partner

Ward and Shelley

The Zydepunks

Canoe race!

Roz and Shelley




  1. yep, that's darren :)

    (and did you change the font in your title?)

    looking forward to the next post :)

  2. lizzie, you are fucking amazing!!!

    not only do i want you to be a bridesmaid in my wedding (if there ever is one) i also want you to just follow me around and take photos of everything that is beautiful! i'm so glad that i know you!

  3. Like your pics, Lizzie! Barcelona and Primavera ain't the same without you, join me next year!

  4. thanks so much avan!! i want you to be a bridesmaid in my wedding! i thought no one would ever ask! not that we're getting married any time soon. but yes!! i'm so glad i know you too!!

    Hey robin!!! i'll do my best to be there next year! this french lady i met about 10 minutes ago offered to let me stay at her house for free outside of Bordeaux for a month if i ever want to learn french. maybe next summer i could get a press pass to primavera and then head to bordeaux to learn french!!! have fun for me!!! wish i were there with you to keep me company and tell me which are the best bands!