Wednesday, 6 May 2009

New Dehli!!!

Hello all!! i love exclamation points because they help me express my excitement when i have no physical energy to express it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We arrived in Dehli a couple of hours ago and sped towards our host's home in GK Enclave 1 in New Dehli. I still don't know what that means or where I am.

People drive like maniacs here. More so, than in any other country i've been to. There are lines on the road but lanes don't seem to exist. People swerve in and out of lanes and drive over the highway lines and so close to the walls of the highway. People nonchalantly plunge themselves into traffic and miraculously come out unscathed while gusts of wind from the speeding taxis and motos toussled their long sleeved button up shirts. Honora, who got a real night's sleep on the plane (I opted for the stay up as late as possible till i couldn't keep my eyes open and then pass out for three hours so i could (and will) sleep the night through in New Dehli), cheerfully chatted up the taxi driver and he delightfully expressed himself using all 15 or so English words in his vocabulary. I helped her interpret but mostly spent the ride observing the tiny busses packed like an unorderly can of sardines (too tired to think of a more interesting simile). Unfortunately our directions were a little unclear and he promptly got really pissed off after about the 5th time he had to get out of the car and ask directions. In fact he led us to a house with the same address and tried to pass us off to an older Indian couple and their daughter. They wouldn't take us. and thankfully gave us proper directions and we eventually arrived at our (my new) friend Jeff's house. We were scolded by the taxi driver for not giving him a better tip (which was about a 60% btw) and hurried inside to avoid any more drama.

So here we are in GK Enclave 1 chillin with the most amazing host in the world, Jeffeng! (that's his stage name). and his awesome roommates. He greeted us with a box of Indian sweets and we've got a plan for tomorrow! i will also be posting some photos tomorrow! so yay! already been an adventure! can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!!!


  1. yay for exclamation marks!!!!

    glad ya'll made it there in one piece and looking forward to seeing photos :)

  2. Have such a fantastic adventure, Lizzie!