Thursday, 7 May 2009

Photos from Day 1 and 2: Dehli!

Lizzie on the plane. Keeping herself busy.

Hello All! I am too tired to recount the days events. In brief, we walked all over old and new Dehli, saw extreme luxury and poverty within inches of each other (no surprise here but always overwhelming to witness), got stared at all day, got treated like movie stars, but also received stares of disdain, saw the Red Fort, and heard singing in the Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargha mosque, where we got scolded for not having long enough skirts and for having our elbows exposed a little under our shawls which we purchased earlier from all the men staring at our bare, sexy shoulders. Oh and i got my butt grabbed. check that off the list. I have never in my life wanted to put MORE clothes on in 95 degree weather until now. I felt extremely exposed all day. I'm excited to share my thoughts on all of the days experiences and will hopefully have time to type them tomorrow on the train to Agra. yep. gotta hit up the taj mahal. get it out of the way and then continue north where it's cool. I only peed twice all day cause we sweat so much under our shawls!! anyway, Dehli is a fascinating and curious place! Enjoy the photos!

Also, if anyone knows how to write the html to be able to have part of the blog on the main page and the rest in another place accessed by a link, could you please teach me? That way you won't have through half a page of images to get to the previous post! Thanks!

Honora engrossed by "Marley and Me".

Looking for stuff. and stretching! 14hour plane ride!

Look at how far we went!

First impressions! the ride home from the airport!

Rock-carrying truck
so awesome.

Shnazzy hotel Imperial. Stopped there for breakfast. Where Honora's parents stayed on their pre-honeymoon.

Honora, Jeff, our amazing host, and I


Marigolds in the tree.

Honora on the Promenade near Presidential Palace.

Jeff. Recuperating in the shade.

Entrance to Red Fort

If your wondering which one is Honora just look for her sexy exposed stems!

Red Fort

Red Fort

Everyone wanted a photo with us. So i told them they could have a photo if we could get one too.

Indian Tourists

Red Fort

Strangely enough there were a few hawks at the Red Fort, which is still very much in the city. I imagine between the squirrels and pigeons they're able to survive.

Red Fort graffitti

Honora at the fort!

Maybe they have good intentions but they have a LONG way to go.

On the rickshaw, Honora holds on for dear life!

At a restaurant in Nizamuddin

The crowded narrow streets of the Nizamuddin neighborhood eventually land you at the mosque in the center where ceromonial singing can be heard every thursday night. Amazing!!

At the market leading to the mosque.
my view inside the mosque under a tent!

Wandering the streets after.

Jeff and I. Me in my makeshift traditional attire.

Almost full moon in a neighborhood in Nizamuddin.


  1. Great pictures :) You've found a very colorful zone.

  2. Thanks for sharing these glimpses. Beautiful beautiful!

  3. looking good lizzie, keep 'em coming!

    (and sorry about the butt grab)

    ((oh! and really love those black/white shots. yeah, i know, big surprise, right?)) ;)

    (((oh oh! and really really dig shots #18 and #32!)))

  4. i still can't believe you are in india! i'm so freaking jealous!!

    i love all the colors in the photos. all i can say is more, moRE, MORE!!!!

  5. great b&W snaps.. always wonder how these two colours procreate such a good snap.. nice work..nithin(atree)