Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I love my life.

So in a few short days 2 amazing things will be happening. On Thursday the Bachelorettes will be hosting the Special Passenger party at 121 studios at 121 millsaps ave.! with the following line up:

8:00 Chris Wheeler
8:30 Emily Baker
9:00 Woodpecker Street
9:30 Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship
10:00 Videos and single song performances -- Josh&Nicole, Quills, Melody Moody
11:00 AJC
11:30 The Bachelorettes

the party is a cruise ship themed party and you should dress accordingly! Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship will be doing a special song!

so come check it out! get your picture taken with the dolphins and drink some punch!
ahoy, special passenger!

Secondly, I will be leaving for India on the 5th of May and arriving on the 6th. I will be blogging about my trip and hopefully posting photographs. so stay tuned and check it out!!!

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  1. Hey how are u? i hope u had a great time enjoy yourself and be careful hope see u soon lizzie... con carino de tu amigo Jesus